The Cost Of A New Bathroom

You should know what installing a bathroom will cost before you find a bathroom fitter that is suitable for the job if you’re interested in updating your bathroom.

There are three factors that will determine the price of a bathroom:

  • A new suite consists of the bath, shower, washbasin, and toilet. The bath, shower, washbasin, and toilet are the first and most significant costs. Prices range from £500 to  £2,000
  • As for the installation costs, they are primarily influenced by the time it takes to do the job and how many people are involved. Cost: £800 to £3,000 on average
  • As a third consideration, we need to factor in the price to remove the old bathroom and tile it, as well as the price of additional items like taps, towel rails, and sealant. Costs range from £600 to $2,400

This breakdown shows three different methods of building a bathroom – the first for a small room on a budget, the second for a medium-sized room using a standard suite, and the third for a large room that uses high-end materials.

 2mx2m Budget3mx3m Standard4mx4m Luxury

It should be noted that some specific extras such as design plans or underfloor heating would add additional costs.

The average price of a bathroom renovation in the UK, according to experienced MyBuilder tradespeople across the country, is between £1,900 and £7,400, though these prices can be higher in London and the south east.

We design our bathrooms with functionality and practicality in mind, tackling everything from quick showers after a workout to relaxing spaces where you can relax.

Various types of bathroom renovation are available, including whole bathroom renovations, installing a new bathroom vanity, replacing existing bathroom fixtures, replacing the bath with a shower cubicle, and installing in-floor  heating.

The cost of removing an old bathroom

As a general rule, bathroom removals are usually done as part of a larger project that involves renovating the entire bathroom.

Depending on what the reason is for tearing out the old bathroom, you may have to pay a few hundred pounds in labor, plus another £150 if you need a skip.

When extensive tiling must be removed, the costs will be higher.

bathroom remodelling and design costs

In the case of a large company selling a bathroom, they may include designs in the package, but if you prefer a truly bespoke experience, you can hire a designer to work through your design concepts and plans.

Bathroom remodeling costs can range from a few hundred pounds for a simple consultation to £2,500 for a full plan that can be carried out by an expert.

Cost of the materials

An installed bathroom costs the most when it comes to labor costs.

When it comes to bathroom products, there are many different styles and specifications available. Compared to expensive high-tech smart toilets with bidets and seat heaters, an ordinary toilet can be bought for less than £50.

Each of the accessories for this range is going to cost between a few hundred pounds and several thousands of pounds, ranging from sinks to showers, and tiles to towel rails and faucets. On the other hand, high-end products are relatively limitless.

The Cost of labour

A bathroom fitter, like many other tradesmen, will likely calculate his or her daily rate using a typical day rate that can vary from about $150 to $250 for a single fitter.

A team effort or the use of a labourer or an apprentice will result in a higher daily cost, but the work should be completed more quickly.

How long will job take

Depending on what part of the job is being done, how many people are involved, and the details of the work, installing a bathroom can take anywhere from five to ten days. Our standard turnaround time is between five and ten days.

Depending on the scope of the project, a simple replacement of the bathroom suite can be completed in two days while a large bathroom renovation, which involves moving elements and renovating the underlying pipes and plumbing, can take weeks.

The process of tiling will take longer if it is extensive, such as from floor to ceiling.